A Compare-and-Contrast Type of Essay

There are numerous essay types that students may face during their study. Compare-and-contrast is one of the most popular ones. And this is not the easiest task to do. People trying to handle the assignment without having preliminarily obtained the necessary understanding of its specifics are deemed to struggling. The primary reason is that this is not a descriptive type of paper that you used to deal with in school. Instead, this kind of work can be categorized as an advanced academic activity. As such, it requires a systemic and knowledgeable approach to achieve success.

The first thing to understand is that a compare-and-contrast medical school admission essay consists of the same sections that many other academic papers, namely the introduction, the body text and the conclusion. While the opening and closing passages can be composed based on general guidelines for academic papers, the main part should follow a specific course of reasoning, which is more focused on finding out similarities and discrepancies between the facts, things or notions you are expected to compare.

Major Writing Steps

Generally, it is important to put the basis to build your work upon. What it means in relation to this article’s subject is selecting a good topic for your essay. Remember that this first step actually makes the difference as it goes without saying that it is much easier to analyze a topic you understand well than the one that you have only a vague idea of. As a result, you will save time and energy, and chances are your paper will be awarded a high academic rate by your teacher.

The next step is coming up with a plan of your paper. It should be simple and logical, which is the guarantee that you will not deviate from it during your analysis. One can state for sure that you cannot compose a worthy paper without drawing up a good plan beforehand. So this stage should never be skipped. Begin with defining a structure of your essay. Specifically, write down a detailed breakdown of the body section. This should be paid special attention as it is here that you have to demonstrate that you really understand what kind of assignment you are dealing with.

Once the structure is defined, and you know what you are going to write about, the next step is finding out sources and collection of relevant facts. Make sure you pick only what suits your concept well. The facts should be treatable, which means you can analyze and compare them easily to make relevant conclusions.

Having a good plan, a structure outline and factual materials at hand allows proceeding to writing itself. If the preparatory job has been done well, this process will go seamlessly. Take your time to compose a draft version of your compare-and-contrast essay. Just put your thoughts on paper as they come to your mind. Don’t worry about proofreading and fine tuning until the last stage of your work on the assignment. However, once the draft is prepared, correction of any mistakes and filling content gaps is mandatory. Make sure you take some rest after the major writing workload and return to fine tuning with a clear head.

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