Time Management Issues of Working Students

8 steps of time management

Time is a key success factor, which makes time management a crucial skill for every result-oriented person, be it a student or professional. The importance grows exponentially if you want to succeed in both activities in parallel. Working students are maybe the busiest people in the world, especially if they are above 30 and have a family. Unfortunately, wasting time is quite human. You cannot afford the luxury though when you labor towards your life goals and have to make for a living. Equipped with a proper approach, you can manage the problem efficiently. Oftentimes, people make common mistakes and turn their life into a kind of mess due to poor time management. Below, you can find some helpful guidelines to bring more order to your daily activities.

  • Have a plan. Planning is what helps us achieve goals in many fields, study and work being no exception. With a random approach to their daily activities, working students will struggle inevitably. Such a stressful style of life is exhausting and counterproductive as it results in wasting time on one hand and the inability to do things in time on the other hand. Understanding a scope of tasks and their priority boosts efficiency.
  • Seek stability in your life. Stability is a concept closely related to predictability and planning, so it adds to productivity too. Family is a good supportive factor, which brings stability to our life.
  • Sleep well. Proper sleep is crucial to keep productivity high. So it should be given a fixed place in your daily schedule. People who have not enough sleep show slower performance, which is absolutely inacceptable when you need to study and make for a living in parallel. Also, good rest helps avoid chronic fatigue.

  • Improve your self-discipline. Staying disciplined is what helps implement the abovementioned plan efficiently. Elaboration of an optimum schedule for every day is just the first step. Then, to achieve your goals, proper implementation is needed. This is where the ability to follow your own rules steps in. Inconsistency leads to wasting time and efforts and failing eventually.
  • Set clear objectives. It is impossible to labor efficiently towards something vague. Make sure the goals you set are specific and clear. This refers to both short-term and longer-term milestones. Working hard with no clear objectives in mind just has no sense. Graduation, holding a certain position in the company you work for, maintaining your family – all these are worthy goals to pursue. They need a specific timetable though.
  • Assign priorities. To succeed when you face several tasks in parallel, it is crucial to define priorities for each of them. Otherwise, you may find yourself randomly resuming and pausing different activities, which is not an efficient approach. As a result, driving all those tasks to the end will consume abnormal time.
  • Remove distraction factors. Living in a busy mode, which is the case with working students, requires maximum concentration on things that really matter. On the other hand, there are so many distractions in our everyday life. If you are really committed to pass this busy part of your life path effectively, it is necessary to give up many irrelevant things. Also, it is important to exclude short-term distraction factors you may be exposed to during your work or study. Ask your family members not to disturb your for a certain period of time, turn off your smartphone and a TV set, clear your desk top of irrelevant items etc.
  • Take a rest. To keep your productivity high when working in a multi-task mode for a long period of time, it is necessary to take breaks for a longer rest every now and then. Set off for a holiday retreat with your family or friends, go to the country or just take a couple of days to plunge in your hobbies. Such a break is a good source of energy.

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