What You Should Know Before Writing Your Business Law Dissertation

Despite what the name suggests, this is the type of paper that not only law students have to deal with. Those who study business administration, finances, commerce and some other disciplines may face the assignment too. While  falling into a category of advanced works, this special task can be done smoothly (if not easily) if you know the right approach and what really matters. Let’s discuss some facts which can boost a student’s productivity and help them avoid common mistakes related to a business law dissertation’s content.

  • Importance of the law of contract. This legislative sphere is vital for any company or organization, be it a newly found or established one. This is because it regulates how an entity interacts with its shareholders, partners, stakeholders, employees etc. Actually, it provides an organization with the necessary guidelines to conduct business and transact with other entities.
  • Acceptable contract forms. There is a common belief that every contract should be executed in a written form only, signed and stamped by authorized representatives of both parties. This is just a misconception though. The applicable legislature allows other contract forms too, such as a spoken agreement reached via the phone, posts in social media and e-mails. All these types of contract are acceptable and can be legally bound provided that certain requirements are met.
  • Commercial lease contracts have their specifics as compared to regular lease. While both forms are acceptable, the owner will have less power in the latter case. For example, they cannot decide on how the leased property will be used and maintained, as well as on the payment schedule. This means the lessee involved will have more control over the business they conduct at the address.
  • Trademark and copyright concepts. You should be aware of the fact that trademark and copyright are different concepts. Accordingly, they are regulated by different laws in many countries. While copyright is typically applied to creative works, a trademark is a feature or a bundle of features which make someone’s product or service distinguished against those offered by competitors. That said, the concepts are treated differently when it comes to intellectual property violations.
  • Advertising. Business law regulates how advertising, both online and offline, should be used. In many countries, the same legislation as with trademarks is applied. Infringement of the rules leads to penalties and punitive measures subject to a specific country’s law.
  • Employment termination. It is helpful to know that, in contract law, it is important to execute a termination agreement to reaffirm that relations between an employer and an employee are over. Such a mechanism is in place to provide guarantees to the parties involved and protect both of them against unlawful actions or future lawsuits.

These are just a few nuances a student should be aware of when approaching a business law dissertation. Understanding them beforehand can make writing a more straightforward and efficient process.

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