QuickClose™ places the title agent in a similar relationship with the seller as the Realtors and brokers have.  For the first time, a title company will now contract directly with the seller of real property for title and closing services.  Ideally the same day the seller places the property on the market.


This direct relationship changes everything with regards to what a title company can and cannot do when providing products and services to its “customer”.  In addition to traditional products and services, new products and services can now be added to reflect the earlier involvement in the process. QuickClose™ offers innovative co-marketing products and services directly to the seller. The title company and the real estate company begin to work together to the benefit of their mutual customer, the seller.  It is this dynamic that will fundamentally change the relationships in our industry.  Title agents and Realtors can now work together to benefit their mutual customers, with clearly defined roles, absent “conflicts of interest”.